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Golden Visa Spain. Documentation and Requirements

We provide many sworn translations for what is known as the ‘Golden Visa’ (residence visa for investors) Here is the information on this kind of visa for Spain as at February 2024. For this post, I’ve relied on the expert help of our friends and clients Henley and Partners, who have extensive experience and a long history of processing Golden Visa applications in Spain.

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What is the Golden Visa? Requirements

This is a type of visa granted to non-EU residents for the purchase of real estate valuing at least €500,000, or the investment in funds, bank deposits or shares in Spanish companies amounting to at least €1 million. It is also granted for investments made in government debt securities of at least €2 million.

Golden Visa Spain benefits

The major benefit of this kind of visa is the reduced paperwork compared to other types of visas and residence permits for Spain. It is also a quicker process. Golden visas are usually assessed within 20 days, and have an initial duration of 3 years, which can be extended to 5 years provided that the initial minimum amount invested is maintained. Another advantage of the Golden Visa is that there is no minimum stay in Spain, but it is required to travel to Spain to obtain the visa itself.

Golden Visa documentation

The documents required for the Golden Visa will depend on the type of investment being made and each individual case (e.g. if applying for one person only, for the whole family or a couple etc.).
For example, in the case of real estate investment, the relevant Land Registry certificate with information on the owner, the date of acquisition, the value of the property or properties, the deed of sale and the online verification code must be submitted.
If the property has not yet been purchased, the agreement of sale and the bank’s certificate regarding the availability of the money for the purchase are usually presented. Personal documentation is also submitted, including a criminal record certificate (duly authenticated and translated if from outside the EU and/or in another language) and documentation that verifies the family unit, if applying for a visa for the whole family.
This is only some of the documentation required since, as I have mentioned, each case requires a professional and personalised assessment.

You can read the document requirements on the Investor and Entrepreneur Residency Programme Portal.

Where to apply for the Golden Visa

The Golden Visa is applied for at Spanish consulates and embassies in the country of origin. It is also possible to apply for residency when already in Spain (e.g. with a tourist visa) through the Large Companies and Strategic Groups Unit – UGE-CE.

We always recommend seeking the advice of a law firm with experience in the field of investor visas. This prevents mistakes being made with documents and gives you a double (and sometimes triple) check of all your documentation. The chances of being granted a Golden Visa are much higher with the support of legal professionals. And here at Lingua Franca, we will be happy to give you the contact details of excellent law firms whose work, as we know first-hand, is always on time, accurate and delivers results.

Just ask us about law firms specialising in Golden Visas in: Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, Malaga. It is also helpful to bear in mind that the entire procedure can be done online/remotely, so you can try professionals from different places and choose the one that best suits your needs.

And when you need a sworn translation into Spanish (for example, from Russian into Spanish, or from Chinese or English into Spanish) of your documents for the Golden Visa, we will be more than happy to translate them for you here at Lingua Franca.

Why choose Lingua Franca for the translation of your Golden Visa documents for Spain?

Here at Lingua Franca, we have almost 20 years’ experience in sworn translations. We are one of the most trustworthy and reliable sworn translation companies in Spain. We are effective, fast and decisive. We respond quickly, we know what we translate and we have the technical and professional resources in place to ensure that your documentation is translated correctly, confidentially and on time.
We have translation offices in Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia and Almeria. We work online for clients from all over the world.
We are professional translators and ardent fans of the written word, law and languages.

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